• The EU’s Towers of Babel

    eu_buildings_oeic_logo1This report takes a critical look at the EU’s increasing expenditure on buildings, representations and office complexes.

    Today EU institutions occupy an area of office space larger than Monaco (approximately 2 square km) at a cost of over €800 million a year (2013 Budget figures).

    Key findings:

    The EU elite are continuing to build an excluded world to which EU taxpayers have little access. The intention seems to be the creation of permanent structures for the growing EU bureaucracy as EU competences and power continue to expand.

    The EU institutions have not agreed to common methods of procurement or enacted sufficient measures to lower building- and related costs.

    The geographic dispersion of EU institutions and their relating buildings and office complexes continue to benefit Belgium, Luxembourg and France, where a majority of major EU institutions are based, at the expense of taxpayers in other countries. Due to treaty obligations this issue is likely to remain unsolved. Download file