• Dossiers in 2008 on which the PPE-DE and PSE disagreed in the final vote (RCV)

    This report examines all final votes with Roll Call in the European Parliament during 2008. In summary:

    1) In those cases where the PPE-DE, PSE and ALDE did not agree in the final vote on a dossier, the Groups were often divided among themselves.

    2) In 28 out of 535 RCVs (5%) for the final votes during 2008, the PPE-DE, PSE and ALDE were unable to reach agreement. These 28 RCVs, however, only relate to 23 dossiers, as there were separate RCVs on different group resolutions for two of these dossiers.

    3) The two largest groups, the PPE-DE and PSE, only disagreed in 18 out of 535 RCVs (3%) in the final votes during 2008. In 7 of these 18 RCVs one of the groups chose to abstain from the final vote, and in another case one group did not vote at all. This therefore leaves 10 RCVs out of 535 (1.9%) in which the PPE-DE and PSE were completely at odds with each other and broke the principle of consensus at the EP.

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